6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Everyday Time

With the beginning of the New Year, hundreds of thousands of people are making resolutions, promising little things to themselves. And, aside from losing weight, one of the biggest resolutions is to spend time a little wiser and make every moment count a little more. If this sounds like your resolution this year, here are some tips to succeed in making the most of everyday time.

Create a Routine

The key to making the most of your moments is to make a routine that utilizes your time in a full manner. Spend your time wisely, as the saying goes. Create a routine, or plan important things in advance, so you have more opportunities to schedule fun things when you have some free time.

Be Positive and Forward-Thinking

Making the most of your moments come with having a positive, forward-thinking perspective. Instead of focusing on the negatives, like the regrets or guilts of your past, push away from those bad thoughts and focus on the good things to come in your future.

Plan Your Activities in Advance

From doctor appointments, to birthdays, dentist appointments, anniversaries, and the holidays, there are dozens of things to prepare for in a new year. And those things only seem to grow with each passing year. Know what you have to do, and plan for it. Fill a calendar with your yearly activities in advance, with the most important elements outlined in black marker to catch your attention.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Throw in Leisure Time

Some spontaneity is important to having fun in a new year. So, you should make room for leisure time, like going to the movies, going swimming or riding at an amusement park, or simply spending time with your loved ones.

Clean as You Go

Cleaning takes up SO MUCH time—mostly because people choose one day a week to clean and then spend all day dusting or washing or doing whatever to tidy up their homes. However, if you clean as you go, you can skip the weekly ritual and save time. How so? For instance, when you finish with a plate or cup, wash it immediately in the sink and put it away.

Take an Hour or Two for Yourself

Alone time is important to good mental health. Take an hour or two to spend some time with yourself. Read, watch trashy television, take a bubble bath or a long and hot shower, try out a new e cig vapor liquid—do whatever makes you relax and enjoy the moment.

Sometimes planning out your year can be as overrated as making resolutions. If you’re tired of making those promises to yourself—stop. You can learn to live in the moment by sometimes, simply, doing it.